Millennium’s Access Control Device model PACS-100/200/400/500 can be used in Prisons and Institutions for maximum security during contact with violent segregated inmates.

  • Do not seperate the PACS tray/housing from the frame assembly, it will defeat the purpose , always use it together.
  • The Millennium PACS is not a removable feeding box.

The PACS-100 will retrofit to existing cell doors in place of the current hinged food pass. The dual lock system protects correction officers from direct contact with segregated inmates.

The PACS-100 allows the safe passage of food, medication, and documents in the cell, and allows the controlled release and return of an inmate without exposing correction officers to potential injury or battery.

Design Features

  • Patented Dual Lock System.
  • Sliding Steel Door with Integral Ratchet Mechanism Operated by Security Lock.
  • Clear heavy duty lexan cover.
  • Available for Center Food Pass or Side Cuff Doors.
  • Available with Fixed Tray configurations.
  • Available with Dropdown Tray configurations.
  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Construction.
  • Retrofits to New and Existing Cell Doors.
  • Custom configurations available.
  • Custom Installation available.

Access Control Division

Operation of the Patented Access Control System

Figure 1

The patented dual lock design with sliding metal door and hinged cover gives correction officers control of the passage opening and prevents assault by eliminating staffs direct contact with violent and disruptive inmates.

Figure 2

The correction officer unlocks and opens the hinged cover to gain access to the interior of the tray box.

The item(s) to be passed to the inmate is placed inside the tray box. The cover is then closed and locked, effectivety restncting the inmate access to the space outside the cell while retrieving the item(s) in the tray box.

Figure 3

The correction officer unlocks and releases the ratchet mechanism to open the sliding door and give the inmate access to the item(s) placed inside the tray box.

The ratchet mechanism gives the correction officer control over how far the sliding door is opened, and prevents the inmate from opening sliding door from inside the celi.

PACS Operation

Patent No:

US 6,817,481 B2
US 6,598,546 B2
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